LC Construction management LLC Sales and installs a comprehensive range of flooring products from the industry's largest manufacturers. Highly engaged in the process of product selection and specification, LC Construction is focused on assisting clients make the best choices for their needs. Our own in-house installers are specially trained professionals, so you can have confidence that every job is always performed with precision, skill and pride. LC can ensure you always receive only the very best service and workmanship for your product installation.


  • Carpet
  • Wood / Laminate Flooring
  • Ceramic / Porcelain Tile Flooring
  • Marble Tile Flooring
  • Terrazzo
  • Resilient Flooring


There are many benefits of using carpet flooring instead of other types of floor coverings available on the market today. The main benefit is comfort, a carpet or a rug adds an area where you can walk in light shoes or even bare foot with ease. The softness of carpets compared with other forms of floor coverings is obviously their main unique selling point.  However there are other benefits of using carpets when decorating a room such as the ability to add light and mood by choosing colors and patterns to compliment furniture, wallpaper and lighting.

You can choose to have fully fitted carpets, lay a large carpet in the centre of the room with areas around the edge not covered by carpet or choose to use carpet runners in areas of the room. The flexibility of carpets as a flooring solution allows you to design your room how you want it. Carpets are not just constrained to covering floors in lounges, dining rooms and in bedrooms. Carpet flooring can be used effectively on staircases and in hallways. The same options are available to you in that you can fully cover your staircase or hallway or you may choose to have areas not covered to so you can see the floor surface underneath. This can be particularly affective in areas where you have original porcelain or marble tiles which you do not want to damage in the main walking area, but you want on display at the sides. A particular style of carpet pattern works very well in hallways and that's striped carpets, by using a carpet with stripes of color through it, you are able to create a sense of space and hallway which draws you in ward.

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