In this method LC Construction Management LLC will be responsible for both design and construction services for the entire project. The Design/Build method of construction establishes the cost much earlier and allows the Customer to know the cost before final drawings are completed so you can see where the budget dollars are allocated. LC Construction will offer bid alternatives to maintain design integrity while providing cost effective that keep the budget on truck without affecting the design intent. Another benefit gained in the design/build process includes the following: The project is in the hands of a single entity, freeing the owner to focus on scope/needs definition and timely decision making. The design/builder is motivated to deliver a project successfully by completing multiple objectives, including the quality, budgeting and scheduling for a timely completion. The design/build system of overlapping the design and construction allows materials/equipment procurement and construction to begin before final plans are completed that’s way Design/Build is also a faster process, which is a direct benefit to the Customer.

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