Pre Construction: Design assistance, scheduling, phasing plans, estimating, budgeting / cost-modeling, code compliance, bid packaging, value engineering, constructability analysis.
Post Construction: Certificate of Occupancy, continued and preventative maintenance programs, moving services, building operations.


LC Construction offers this traditional delivery method for project owners who have the time and resources to manage the planning and design stages on their own. Building according to your completed set of plans and specifications, we use our extensive experience to manage all equipment, materials, and subcontractors needed to successfully complete it. By awarding contracts using a competitive bidding process, we will ensure you get the highest quality work for the lowest price so we can keep your project on schedule and within budget from commencement to occupancy.


When speed and cost control are critical, the Design - Build delivery method is very effective. LC Construction takes responsibility for both the design and construction of your project, and this has proven to be an increasingly popular option. By simplifying lines of communication, you get a quicker completion time, a single source of accountability, and an integrated design and construction process from the earliest stages.


In this delivery system, LC Construction becomes a part of the owner / architect team in the project’s earliest phases, providing vital information concerning cost, scheduling, and construction feasibility. We continue to offer the expertise needed to strike the optimal balance between needs, design, and value while managing the project’s contract bidding, award, and construction phases. Construction Management enables us to provide the experienced leadership necessary to guide your project from concept to closeout.


At LC Construction Management & Associates, we aim to help our clients with all their Build-Outs and T.I.s needs to grow and expand their businesses. These projects involve updating or remodeling an existing building that houses private businesses. Those structures typically house offices, retail spaces, health care facilities, licensed practitioner offices, or any other commercial business that needs to buy or rent a space. LC Construction has focused for decades on scheduling and sequencing all the necessary work to complete T.I.s and Build Outs carefully and efficiently which represents a great benefit for the project owner. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of every project.


Hotel renovation projects are very challenging, especially if the hotel remains open during the renovation. We know that minimizing downtime is critically important, so we diligently work with our customers to complete the renovation as quickly and inconspicuously as possible, we make every effort to schedule our work to accommodate your routine business operations during your renovation project. We strive for outstanding quality and service while guaranteeing complete satisfaction.


We understand that building from the Ground-up requires dedication and attention to detail with regard to construction and project feasibility. We validate the budget, plans, and specs along with all critical components that need to be looked at prior to commencement. LC Construction can self-perform most of the work, but we also hire, schedule, supervise, and pay the subcontractors who specialize and are licensed in all the trades needed to complete your project. We understand the process of all phases of construction and can assist our contracted clients from concept to design and throughout construction.


Did You Know? Even if your structure or building is not due for its 40-year recertification, the county can still mandate that your structure or building is unsafe. Each county has an Unsafe Structures Board which acts as an advisory committee that reviews the decision of Building Officials regarding buildings considered unsafe. The Unsafe Structures Board meets periodically to hear cases submitted by the Building Officials or through appeals requested by homeowners or other interested parties. It is important that you maintain a safe structure or building for the safety of your occupants and the general public. Services: LC Construction offers services including but not limited to, 40 Year Recertification - Concrete Restoration - Concrete Repair - Concrete Cleaning - Concrete Coatings - Exterior Painting - Water Proofing - Epoxy Injection - Expansion Joint System - Spall Repair - Carbon Fiber Wrap - Parking Lot Repairs - Roofing Repairs.


In many cases property upgrades are necessary to bring properties up to code, like updating the lighting system in a parking lot, making the path of egress of a shopping center ADA compliance or even update an under designed component. However, most of the times business and property owners are investing in construction upgrades since an Upgrade is the most effective method to increase commercial building value. Services: Our services include but are not limited to, building expansion - updating of outdated systems - upgrade to ADA compliance - addition of more space - improve of exterior - add amenities - investment in energy efficiency or smart technology.


For those companies, business owners, or investors that are looking to acquire and develop a real state asset or for those who are simply looking for new investment opportunities, we can assist our clients with a complete real state development service. Our strategy is to use all the knowledge and resources accumulated over the years to find a quality piece of real estate, develop the asset to obtain the best possible use, and achieve the financial goals as market value and return. Services: Our services include but are not limited to, property selection - site due diligence - analyze zoning & zoning options - establish utility availability - project development feasibility - determine market condition - design, construction and budgeting - financial services - lender / investors negotiations - project completion and owner acceptance.


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